More Than a Rock, 2nd Edition

More Than a RockThe second edition of my book, More Than a Rock, is now available to order!

The book is available in both electronic and print editions. Electronic copies can be downloaded immediately upon purchase. Printed copies can be pre-ordered (links below) and should begin shipping in early January.

For a limited time, you may purchase the book at a 35% discount directly from the publisher, Rocky Nook, by using the coupon code GUYTAL35.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the differences between the 1st and 2nd editions?
    • The 2nd edition contains four new articles, one in each of the book’s sections (Art, Craft, Experiences, Meditations)
    • Most articles from the 1st edition have been edited for readability and clarity
    • The print version of the 2nd edition is hardbound (1st edition was softcover)
  • Can I purchase a signed copy?
    • Signed copies will be available for purchase directly from my website when the books start shipping (currently scheduled for early January). I’ll start accepting orders as soon as I know when my copies will arrive.
  • When will the next new book be available?
    • My next book of essays will be titled Another Day Not Wasted. It is currently being reviewed by an editor and has a tentative cover design. I expect it will be available to order early next year.
      Why the delay? Unfortunately it has to do with health issues I’ve been struggling with in the last couple of years, that slowed me down considerably. I’m doing much better now and writing more consistently.
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