The Photo Show Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Pach, host of The Photo Show podcast. You can listen to our conversation here. Or, click on the podcast image below.

Be sure to also visit Mike’s website, 3 Peaks Photography & Design.

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  1. I went to the Sedona Photo Symposium hoping that the DNA from Moab would find its way South. This podcast is a great example of what inspired me at Moab and alas, aside from Cole Thompson, was lacking in Sedona. Sincerely missed you. Feels like it is time to stop trying to find workshops/symposiums and start just going out myself.

    1. Thanks, Josh! I miss the Moab Symposium, too. Bruce has a lot to be proud of for the good influence he had on so many people (including me). Whether in events, workshops, or on your own, it’s always good to keep looking for inspiration. Wherever you look, I hope you find a lot of it.

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