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Dear readers,

I am proud and happy to offer you this blog free to all, without third-party advertisements or commercial sponsorships. I strive to offer high-quality content here, not for profit, but because what I do is important to me, and I take pride in my work.

That said, photography and writing are still my primary source of income, and I’d like to ask that you please allow me the favor of reading this post to the end. I hope you will find at least one of my new offerings to your liking.


Several people have asked about the dearth of workshop opportunities I have listed currently. Regrettably, health concerns have made it more difficult for me to conduct classes as I can’t stay “on” for as long as I used to. For this reason, I currently have only 2 workshop offerings before the end of 2020, both in Death Valley National Park, in association with my good friend and inspiring artist, Michael Gordon. If you’d like to join me on a workshop in the coming year, please don’t hesitate as there are not many spaces left.

You can learn more about current workshop offerings, and find registration information at our website: Visionary Photography Workshops.

(There is a small chance we may add another offering later this year. Should that be the case, I will announce it here.)

Print of the Month

In addition to my regular print offerings, I decided to resurrect the Print of the Month offering I had years ago. I love sharing my work as fine prints, and these prints come double-matted to 16″x20″ and ready to frame. You may purchase a single print at a discount, or sign up for 6 or 12 prints-of-the-month for even greater discounts.

The only catch: I pick which photographs to print. Which is not really that much of a catch; I want to showcase work that is most personally meaningful to me and that meets my standards for quality in every respect.

If interested, please visit my Print of the Month page.

Of course, you may also order prints of your choice at my regular prices (which, if you read Brooks Jensen’s introduction in the latest edition of LensWork, you’ll hopefully find are priced very reasonably).

Book Updates

I have a new stock of my current books: More than a Rock, and The Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Photoshop ready to ship. Not to sound like a broken record, but despite various personal setbacks, I am well on my way to finishing the manuscript for my next book of essays about photography and life.

If interested, please visit my Books page.

Patreon and Website Donations

Last but certainly not least, my heartfelt thanks to those of you who support me on Patreon, and who sent in donations via the link on my website. I am VERY grateful for your generosity!

More soon…


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  1. Dear Guy,

    Thanks for the newsletter. I am sorry to hear that you are having health issues and hope that you will recover soon.

    A recent YouTube video from Alister Benn made me wonder whether you are familiar with his approach to expressive photography. It seems to me that the two of you have a lot in common and could perhaps profit from getting together on workshops that help other photographers get in touch with their emotional and artistic sensibilities. Just an idle thought for when you’re feeling better.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Death Valley for the first time with Cole Thompson, but will take a look at your schedule and think about going back.

    We took the circle tour of Utah recently with friends, travelling via RV’s. As it happened, we stayed at the Sandcreek RV Park for one night. I believe you live in the area. Anyway, it was, surprisingly to us Floridians, a very cold night and our propane heater broke down. My poor wife had a broken arm from a mishap at Bryce and shivered throughout the night, bundled up in all that we could find to put over her. But she’s a real trooper and never complained, and wouldn’t let me abort the trip because of her injury. We’ll not soon forget that adventure! I’ve planned out similar trips to Oregon and Washington but we haven’t set a date yet.

    I look forward to reading your column in each issue of Lens Work. You are always though provoking and helpful. Take care,

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