LensWork Monograph: The Least Impossible Way

I have a limited quantity of my (now out of print) LensWork Monograph, titled, The Least Impossible Way. This is part of LensWork’s Monograph Series (#9 in the series) and is a 72-page soft-cover book containing a portfolio of my images and a couple of short essays about my work.

To purchase an autographed copy for $29.95 (US shipping included), click the image below or the “Buy Now” button.

Regrettably, I am currently only able to ship to US addresses. If you wish to pay by check, please contact me via email so I can reserve a copy for you.

Guy Tal LensWork Monograph

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3 thoughts on “LensWork Monograph: The Least Impossible Way

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  1. Dear mr Tal

    I live in The Netherlands. I like it here, so usually that’s not a problem. But now it might be a problem since you don’t ship outside the US. Is there a way for me to persuade you to sell a copy to me ? At some extra costs for shipping of course.

    Regards, Robbert

    1. I appreciate the interest, Robbert. It is indeed a great privilege to live in a place you like. Unfortunately that’s also the reason why international shipping for this item is not feasible. My town is very small and our local post office does not handle international shipping. This means that I need to travel to the next town to do so. Add to that the relatively high shipping rates the US Postal Service imposes for international shipping, the time spent filling customs form, and the higher rate of loss and breakage (compared with domestic shipping), and it ends up being considerably more expensive and labor-intensive than selling within the US.

      With more expensive items, the added cost and work for international shipping makes sense, but for an item like this it may result in a cost far exceeding the value of the item itself.

  2. I have the same problem and share the same disapointment as Robbert, I live in France and the shipping costs are the single reason I can’t justify a subscribtion to the Lens work monographs, clearly this is entirely outside the control of both Guy Tal and Brooks Jensen. I have just finished reading “More than a Rock”, it is one of those all-too-rare books that one leaves certain that one will read it again and impatient for the inspiration and pleasure that re-reading will bring. I would love to have the opportunity to see “the least important way” but it is not to be, in the meantime, please keep up the good work – your regular piece in lenswork never fails to inspire and motivate as well as give much needed pause for thought, I look forward to reading it in every issue.

    Best Regards, Paul Cunningham

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