December Print of the Month

My pick for the December, 2019 Print-of-the-Month is titled, Seasonal Effect.

This has been my go-to image for cards and holiday season greetings for a few years now, but I have not offered it as a print-of-the-month before, so it seemed appropriate. It was made in 2013, when I woke up to find that an unexpected storm has visited overnight while I was camping. It was a beautiful morning to be out, and I had the place to myself. The snow melted within a few hours and I was left with some wonderful memories.

You may order this print at a discounted price here.

Please note: Prints will begin to ship around mid-December. If you wish to receive your print in time for the Christmas holiday, please place your order early. Orders placed after December 10th may not arrive until after the holiday.

Seasonal Effect


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