September Print-of-the-Month

Continuing my Print-of-the-Month series, the image I picked for September, 2019, shown below, is titled, First Blooms. It is part of a portfolio titled, The Good Badlands.

Those who order before September 1st will receive this print. You may still sign up, if interested, and purchase just this print at a discounted rate—or you may sign up for a set of 6, or 12 prints, at greater discounts.

The image was inspired by the work of Tom Till—a photographer I admired from afar for years, and finally had the  pleasure of meeting in person. For many years, Tom’s name was the first you would think of when it came to photographing Utah’s desert landscape. In one of his presentations at the now-discontinued Moab Photography Symposium, Tom expressed gratitude for having had the chance to meet and work with some of his own photographic mentors in person. I was sure to tell him I felt the same way about meeting him, as I do several other lions of the medium that I’ve looked up to in my early days and later had the great pleasure of meeting and working with.

Prints will be mailed to subscribers starting mid-September.

First Blooms

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